What people are saying about Mental Health Works

Through our evaluation process, we gather the thoughts and feedback of our MHW Core workshop participants. Here is a small sample of what they’ve been saying:

  • “Great presenter that kept my attention!”
  • “The information given was awesome. Great presenters.”
  • “Great workshop, great facilitators.”
  • “3 Gears and active listening skills were very valuable.”
  • “There was a feeling of understanding and support from all in the room.”
  • “This workshop gave me a new outlook on mental health.”
  • “I enjoyed this workshop very much. I learned so much about not only how to help other people but also myself.”
  • “CMHA workshops like this should be done in all workplaces for all staff and management.”
  • “Lots of tools to take home and bring to the workplace!”
  • “The presenter outlined the issues easily and thoughtfully.”
  • “The whole workshop was fantastic!”

Thank you for your feedback!

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