What is CMHA?

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is one of the oldest continuing nation-wide charitable health organizations in Canada. CMHA’s broad mandate is to promote the mental health of all people and support the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness. Their work is guided by the fundamental principles of empowerment, peer and family support, participation in decision-making, citizenship and inclusion in community life.

At the community level, approximately 120 CMHA Branches/Regions provide multi-faceted services directly to consumers, their families and other stakeholders. Each Branch/Region structures its programs to meet the needs of its community. Provincially and territorially, CMHA Divisions provide public education materials; develop policy; conduct research, studies and demonstration projects; and advocate at the provincial level.

CMHA National reaches out to the federal government at political and bureaucratic levels to drive policy and advocate on issues relating to mental health. It also supports the Association membership through developing national education and advocacy materials, and conducting research and programs to support policy development.

CMHA receives government support for specific programs and services, and also relies on the financial contributions of corporations, foundations, and individual donors.

CMHA Locations

To find a Canadian Mental Health Association near you, visit CMHA National’s CMHA Locator

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