CMHA offers tips to support mental health amid concerns of COVID-19 pandemic

(Toronto, March 13, 2020) – Amid public concerns of the developing COVID-19 pand depression symptoms of how to manage their mental wellness at this time of uncertainty.

CMHA York and balanced as this public health situation unfolds.

  • Considering the level of attention and challenge your thoughts that may be extreme or unhelpful.
  • Self-care is critically important at this time, as worries can be made worse if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Lean on social supports, try to get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise and safety guidelines while doing them.
  • Seek information from reliable news sources only. Limit checking in on the latest news to short, defined periods, and can lessen the sense of danger.
  • Take the recommended precautions as outlined by Health Canada and sneezes, avoiding non-essential travel, etc.
  • If you’re noticing that your symptoms of anxiety (in association with COVID-19 or otherwise) are causing you significant distress or are interfering with your ability to function normally, reach out for formal mental health supports from a recognized agency, such as CMHA.

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