This pandemic has created uncertainty, constant change, fear of exposing loved ones to a novel virus and high levels of moral distress for our health care workforce.

Mental Health Works believes that addressing mental health in the workplace is critical to supporting the wellbeing of health-care workers now, and beyond the pandemic. The lifting of restrictions does not erase the experiences that frontline health-care workers have faced, and MHW is committed to providing safe spaces for health-care workers and leaders alike to learn, share, and grow together with the hope of strengthening psychologically healthy and safe workplaces where frontline workers can thrive.

MHW’s Supporting Frontline Health Care Workers is available to all:

  • Hospital and acute-care staff
  • Long-term care staff
  • Community health care workers, including those serving specialized populations
  • Health-care services for Indigenous populations
  • Public health professionals
  • Health care leaders
  • Other workers in health-related organizations

If you would like to bring this program to your healthcare workplace, please reach out to for more information.