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Empower your employees with Mental Health Works’ Workshop packages. These mental health education experiences can be customized to your organizational needs.
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Workshop packages combine our individual workshops to suit your organization. Our expert facilitators guide participants through focused presentations and help them understand facets of mental health issues that are most relevant to your organization. Choose from Mental Health in the Workplace, Return to the Workplace, First Responders, Frontline Health Care Workers, Leadership for change in the Workplace or work with us on a customizable option.

Leadership for Change in the Workplace

The leadership for change in the workplace is a unique session specifically designed for supervisors, managers and executive directors. This workshop will explore how leaders can build a foundation for a psychologically healthy and safe workplace and increase the confidence in supporting a staff member who may be experiencing mental health challenges. It is a customizable option that addresses the unique culture of your organization.

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Mental Health in the Workplace

This package contains information on mood and depression, general anxiety, psychological health and safety and other common mental health issues that employees may experience. It will also give attention to why mental health is critical to your staff’s overall health. The content is best suited for all employees, including supervisors, managers and union representatives.

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Return to the Workplace

This package assists employers and employees in navigating the mental health implications of returning to physical workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also provide guidance and strategies on how staff can build resiliency and offers insight into making the transition psychologically safe.

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First Responders

Being aware of and knowing how to take care of their own mental health is vital for first responders. This package delves into many psychological issues that can affect these professionals. Material covered includes PTSD, traumatic stress and compassion fatigue.

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