Workshop Package

First Responders

Depression, stress, PTSD and substance use are just a few of the psychological health and safety issues that affect first responders. First on the scene of traumatic and dangerous situations, these professionals put their mental health at risk constantly. This package will cover the significant role workplace culture plays in response to dealing with mental health challenges plus discuss effective practices for lessening stress disorders experienced by first responders.

After taking this workshop, participants will:

  • Begin to see the ways in which they can implement protections in the workplace
  • Be exposed to an accessible and evidence-based introduction to traumatic stress and its
  • Begin to see PTSD and OSIs as workplace injuries
  • Understand what they can do to become grounded

Workshops in this Package

Mental Health Works supports a mentally healthy workplace by offering presentations and workshops that teach you how to respond to challenging situations

Workplace & Mental Health

This workshop provides an awareness of mental health and its impact on workplace culture. We discuss common issues and explore the impact of stigmatizing language and beliefs on mental health in the workplace and how to respond and help.
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Operational Stress Injury

This workshop provides an important overview into recognizing traumatic stress, PTSD and OSI, and the impact these serious mental health conditions have on workspaces. We will outline the importance of awareness, response and collaboration on understanding and working through these challenges in the workplace.
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Traumatic Stress & Compassion Fatigue

Physical and mental exhaustion and overall burnout, if not treated properly, can lead to more serious mental health challenges down the road. This workshop is essential to employees, especially health care workers, who want to build a strong and healthy workplace with effective psychological safeguards against these workplace stressors.
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Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness is an evidence-based technique that has been proven to assist people with stress and anxiety. This workshop will help staff develop mindful practices, improve their ability to be fully present, offset feelings of pressure and overall become more resilient.
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