Workshop Package

Frontline Care Workers

COVID-19 has created a unique and particularly severe strain on frontline care workers (FCWs) who have encountered countless psychological challenges throughout the pandemic. This group of professionals are particularly vulnerable to levels of stress that can lead to significant mental health issues if not proactively addressed. The sessions in this package will cover how to best prevent and treat psychological distress, and what steps can be taken to maintain wellbeing and build resiliency in FCWs.

After taking this package, participants will:

  • Recognize the differences between mental health, mental illness and thriving in a Psychologically Healthy and Safe workplace
  • Articulate the phases of burnout, and the 3-step plan of action that individuals and/teams can use to assist in recovering from burnout
  • Practice using mindfulness strategies to enhance personal wellness and professional performance
  • Examine self-care principles and how they can be translated into routine/habit
  • Have greater comfort in seeking help for themselves and others

Workshops in this Package

This package includes and covers the material from these individual workshops

Mental Health for Frontline Staff

COVID-19 has created a strain on all levels of healthcare. Those on the front line of service delivery have encountered countless changes and stressors throughout the pandemic. This workshop examines how high levels of stress can lead to significant mental health challenges, and presents practical strategies to work towards positive mental health and well-being.
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Mental Health for Telehealth

Both the work and the workplace of telehealth professionals is unique. Isolation, feelings of stress and increased workload can create mental health challenges. This workshop will discuss the psychological health and safety of telehealth workers, their virtual working environment and ways to positively manage presenting challenges.
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