Workshop Package

Mental Health in the Workplace

This package is designed to help employers and employees understand how important promoting good mental health is in the workplace. Educating and addressing psychological health and safety in the workplace is a beneficial thing to do for employees and for the overall culture of your organization. Sessions will cover mood and depression, stress and anxiety, mental illness stigmas and introduce practical strategies for coping.

After taking this package, participants will:

  • Acknowledge mental health as an asset to their personal and professional life
  • Have greater understanding of what mental illnesses are and how they can occur
  • Have greater comfort in seeking help for themselves and others
  • Understand the impact of stigmatizing language and beliefs
  • Consider mental health as critical to overall health

Workshops in this Package

This package includes and covers the material from these individual workshops

Flourishing in the workplace

This workshop provides an awareness of mental health and its impact on workplace culture. We discuss common issues and explore the impact of stigmatizing language and beliefs on mental health in the workplace and how to respond and help.
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EDIA Strategies 

Drawing the connection between EDIA and wellbeing in the workplace, this workshop gives participants the tools to critically self-reflect and learn EDIA strategies for promoting wellbeing in the workplace.
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Managing Stress in the Workplace 

In this session, participants will learn differences between stress/anxiety and related symptoms, explore implications of good stress versus bad stress, and will be presented with effective strategies for coping.
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Psychological Health & Safety in the workplace

Understand the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and its importance in promoting good mental health and preventing psychological harm at work. This workshop also provides insight into how “the standard” is a framework for organizations to guide valuable mental health efforts.
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