Workshop Package

Return to the Workplace

Uncertainty and unpredictability have been constants throughout the duration of the pandemic, as has the need to navigate transitions safely. In this package participants will have the opportunity to gain insight into change processes and their impact on workplace mental health. Strategies for managing anxious feelings associated with re-entry into shared workspaces will be explored, as well as wellness practices for experiencing balance and exercising resiliency.

After taking this package, participants will:

  • Examine the process of transition and its impact on workplace mental health
  • Explore common feelings and emotions associated with returning to the workplace
  • Identify strategies for fostering a psychologically healthy and safe re-entry into shared workspaces
  • Learn principles for positive mental health and what individuals can do to deal with uncertainty
  • Describe mindfulness practices that can be used to build resiliency within self and the workplace
  • Discuss effective practices for telework and working within a hybrid structure
  • Help employers as they develop policies and procedures for supporting staff returning to the work environment.

Workshops in this Package

This package includes and covers the material from these individual workshops

Challenging Stigma 

This workshop will provide an overview of the role stigma plays as a barrier in speaking openly about and accessing support for mental health. Recommendations for the use of non-stigmatizing language in the workplace.
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Burnout and Recovery

This workshop is an overview of the components of burnout and examine solution-focused approaches to exercise self-agency in addressing and preventing burnout in the healthcare workplace. 
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Strategies for Promoting Mental Wellness 

Overview of the different aspects of holistic personal health that contribute to workplace wellness. Identification of individual needs and constructive actions that can be used for regular self-care
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Ontario Guide for Workplace Accommodation 

Overview of legal responsibilities of both employees and leaders in workplace accommodation and options available to employees.
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