Starbucks adds Headspace subscription to employee benefits

In a move aimed to eliminate “the stigma around mental health in the workplace,” Starbucks Canada announced recently it’s now providing all employees with a free subscription to the meditation app Headspace.

Starbucks calls this new benefit a “holistic approach” to workplace mental health and an extension of its commitment to supporting partners in their mental health journey. The free Headspace subscriptions for employees adds to Starbucks’ current mental health benefit of $5,000, which is the highest mental health benefit offered by any Canadian company across all industries. Starbucks currently has over 200,000 North American employees.

Headspace is a mediation app that teaches the skills of meditation and mindfulness, a few minutes each day. Research shows that meditation and mindfulness can decrease stress and sadness and increase levels of happiness and the ability to focus.

Further to existing mental health benefits, the company is also planning to implement a new employee assistance program that connects to specific resources and support. Dedicated mental health trainings for store managers will also roll out in the coming months.

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