The webinar gave us a safe space to have an actual dialogue around mental health and how we might be coping during COVID-19. Mental Health Works helped us address the new workplace mental health challenges that we are now facing. The facilitators did an excellent job of sharing their lived experiences to illicit dialogue. They exceeded our expectations! We would absolutely work with Mental Health Works in the future and would highly recommend their webinars to other organizations.
Mental Health Works facilitated workshops for our British Consulate and British High Commission staff. The presentation was very clear, thorough, and insightful. Our facilitator was very knowledgeable on the topic of mental health and the importance of mental health and safety and left us with some helpful material for future reference. We had about 20 staff attend the session, and everyone commented on how beneficial it was – several people mentioned to me afterwards how it ‘opened their eyes’ to the importance of supporting mental health in the workplace. We will definitely look to use Mental Health Works in the future and would highly recommend its workshops to companies looking to bring education and awareness about mental health to their employees.
British Consulate General
The Insurance Bureau of Canada’s staff found these workshops comforting, informative, and timely. Mental health and challenges associated with it can be very difficult for many to speak about, and many found this to be a great icebreaker on the topic. The mental health webinars on anxiety and isolation and loneliness provided excellent information and useful tips to support our stuff during a pandemic and moving forward. Most of our staff are working remotely and we want to ensure that they have the best resources at their fingertips and that they know our organization fosters a safe space to discuss mental health, even remotely. We will continue educating our staff about mental health and hope to do so with additional Mental Health Works’ workshops.
The Insurance Bureau of Canada
As a result of COVID-19, our clients were faced with unforeseen challenges and needed our support more than ever before. We had to re-examine how best to continue supporting our clients. For many of the women we serve, the pandemic challenged their mental well-being, specifically their ability to cope. Our clients needed help navigating the emotional toll of the pandemic. An excellent amount of information and resources were presented by our facilitator. It was a phenomenal learning opportunity where participants gained valuable skills they could carry forward during future times of stress or uncertainty. The women who attended the session thoroughly enjoyed every moment! We really liked that the presentation included a mix of facts, quotes and questions from participants, helping to keep everyone engaged. Our clients felt heard and understood, which helped establish a network of support among the women who attended. Thank you once again to MHW for partnering with us to offer our clients this learning opportunity during a period of unprecedented uncertainty.
Dress for Success Toronto
Mental Health Works’ workshops are top-notch. Our staff have left every session with new information, a new perspective, and new resources for managing the mental wellness of themselves and their colleagues. Speakers are both experts in mental health and expert presenters, making the workshops engaging as well as educational. I especially recommend scheduling a Mental Health Works webinar during the pandemic as they have developed relevant and timely content related to COVID-19 and the workplace.
Ontario Chamber of Commerce
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