Who We Help

From large national conglomerates and NGOs to small local businesses and not-for-profits, we help Canadian organizations of all sizes and across diverse sectors make mental health work.

Who We’ve Helped

Whether you’re a large organization dealing with a diverse team or a small shop tackling a few specific issues, our CMHA expert facilitators are trained to bring mental health awareness and resources to all types of organizations, no matter the size or sector.

First steps in workplace mental health

We’ll start with the basics and teach you about common mental health issues that employees may experience, why mental health is critical to your staff’s overall health, and what strategies you can implement to ensure your staff stays well at work.

Specialized learning for your sector

Workplace mental health applies to all industries. We’ve worked with government, social services, construction, retail, law, public relations, member associations and others to improve mental health in their workplace.

Customized workshops for your organization

Whether your organization has only 10 employees or is as large as 2000, we’ll work with you to develop unique workshops and strategies to help create a healthy and safe workplace.

Workshop tailored to fit your organization.

We take the time to understand the needs of your workplace to give you the best results. We’ll work with you to identify the areas and attitudes that your organization wishes to strengthen for positive workplace mental health outcomes.

The Importance of Collaboration

Mental Health Works staff will collaborate with representatives from your team to ensure that the workshop(s) learning objectives meet the needs of your organization. Our method of training is based on three core components that equip participants to create mentally healthy workplaces: awareness, responding and collaborating.

Get started today.

We make mental health education work for employers and employees from coast to coast. Find out how we can work with you to customize our workshops to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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