Challenging Stigma

This presentation provides an overview of the role stigma plays as a barrier in speaking openly about and accessing support for mental health. Recommendations for the use of non-stigmatizing language in the workplace.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Define the relationship between mental health, mental illness, and stigma.  
  • Analyze language and actions and their potential negative impacts on wellbeing.
  • List at least three strategies to decrease stigmatizing language and promote a stigma-free space.  

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“We will definitely look to use Mental Health Works in the future and would highly recommend its workshops to companies looking to bring education and awareness about mental health to their employees.”


Workshop Package

Managing Stress in the Workplace 
In this session, participants will learn differences between stress/anxiety and related symptoms, explore implications of good stress versus bad stress, and will be presented with effective strategies for coping.
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