Mood & Depression

This presentation provides a high-level overview of how mood impacts work. It takes a particular focus on depression in the workplace and guides participants through the Mental Health Works three-gear method of addressing it.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Be able to consider mental health as critical to overall health
  • Understand mental health and common mental health problems
  • Understand the impact of stigmatizing language and beliefs

What people say about our workshops

“We will definitely look to use Mental Health Works in the future and would highly recommend its workshops to companies looking to bring education and awareness about mental health to their employees.”


Workshop Package

Traumatic Stress & Compassion Fatigue
Physical and mental exhaustion and overall burnout, if not treated properly, can lead to more serious mental health challenges down the road. This workshop is essential to employees, especially health care workers, who want to build a strong and healthy workplace with effective psychological safeguards against these workplace stressors.
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