Strategies for Promoting Mental Wellness

This presentation provides an overview of the different aspects of holistic personal health that contribute to workplace wellness. Identification of individual needs and constructive actions that can be used for regular self-care. 

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Correlate the eight dimensions of wellness to promoting wellbeing at work by identifying need and action in each dimension.  
  • List at least two positive (adaptive) coping strategies to maintain wellness.  
  • Describe the six work-related mismatches that can impact wellness at work.  

What people say about our workshops

“We will definitely look to use Mental Health Works in the future and would highly recommend its workshops to companies looking to bring education and awareness about mental health to their employees.”


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Empathic strain 
This workshop provides an overview of how compassion fatigue manifests in the caring professions and how individuals can address it in the workplace.
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